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Archives for March 2003

more tulips

(the pottery is Kat’s work.)

new glasses!

I fell last summer and banged up my old glasses pretty bad, and have been living with the results since then…notably, they’re crooked and have a long scratch in the left lens. tax refund season meant I finally went for an eye exam – hardly any change in 4 years – and new specs. they’re […]


I’m in the middle of a redesign. this one is less of a style overhaul than an info. architecture overhaul. or something.

recent silence

um, I’m on vacation. went to Seattle over the weekend, going to Ozette today. see y’all later!


cooking success: I tried making the crepes recipe that I found on Idle Words (the sweet version). guess what? crepes are easier than pancakes, and tastier, too. I’m eating one, right now, just spread with organic cream cheese and rolled up. a few notes for future reference, however. 1) 2% milk works fine. 2) “A […]

a fable, from uwebdev

In the early days of automotive manufacturing one manufacturer produced a car with square wheels. Cars were a novelty back then. Not everybody had one. Some people thought the square-wheeled cars were a lemon, but the people that used it back then really didn’t care. The roads were very rough and if it got you […]


heard today: “that must be fun, playing solitare without any aces.”

found while cleaning

Squirrel an exclamation point on the white page of snow. -Joy Bennett http://tinywords.com

back to the future

I turned off the radio (KUOW, online) where they were talking about Bush and the war, to listen to the copy of Nevermind that I checked out of the library last week. I’d actually forgotten how freaking catchy that album is. I never owned it, but so much was on the radio back in ’91-’93, […]