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Archives for February 2003

the history of our home

So C. contacted the city a while back to find out what info they might have about our house on file…today we got a big packet full of photocopied records. Interesting stuff, although most of it was permit filing: – our house was built as part of a low-income housing development (along with a group […]

mental health day

today I took (am taking) one of my “personal leave” days…. I wake up each morning to the radio; lately, I’ve been able to get good enough reception on one of the local NPR stations that it’s what I wake up to. my alarm goes off at 5:30, and I have about a half-hour of […]

the emerging garden

all of these plants were gifts from D. around the corner, who is a great, if not particularly orderly, gardener. tulips are starting to come up…. these ones are just barely visible amongst the leaf litter that I buried them in last fall. it doesn’t seem that long ago, and yet it does. I’m actually […]

no snow for you!

I’ve been reading people’s entries about the great blizzard of ’03, notably: – Mark P. – Josh Marshall as I’ve been saying all winter, it’s never, ever going to snow again. Kat said yesterday that she’d heard that there’s been so little snow in Alaska this winter that they had to move the route for […]

everybody together now: “holy crap!”

– Dan Gillmor: Google Buys Pyra: Blogging Goes Big-Time – Gbloogle: what it all (may) mean I missed all this last night because I was reading Smart Mobs (excellent exciting/depressing book, btw) and this morning because I was serving as an ad-hoc research assistant. dude. I have no idea what this means. 🙂 I hear/read […]

things I was gonna do, but I’m too goddamn tired

finish family-related coding project (and maybe write about said project) set up Paula’s 2nd blog write blog entry based on Ralph’s comment about the progression of technology clean my fscking desk organize tax paperwork finish the perpetual redesign instead, I’m going to have a couple of cookies, read a few blogs and maybe a magazine, […]

me and google

I was starting to read A Nation of Voyeurs (boston globe, so the link will disintegrate quickly!) about Google and personal boundaries, privacy, etc., when I realized I’d never gone past the first page of search results for my name. and since this site is the first result for my name, and the other results […]