much ado about what now?

Mark P. quotes possibly the most cranky piece about weblogging ever written, among others. he seems to be in a fowl mood, which may be related to his redesign:

screen shot: 'dive into mark: this redesign is so vast no message can stain it.'

which seems to be related to a burst of anxiety about XHTML 2.0 and the strain of markup. whew.

this mood is not far off from a similarly irritable statement from burningbird recently, and maybe related to Dorothea’s expression of tiredness…which, interestingly enough, is not that far off from my own recent ennui. so there we are.

but try this on for size, if you’re feeling melancholy: stavrosthewonderchicken takes another approach. “It’s an infinite game – a game in which one of the tenets of play is that the game should never end, and in which a goal of play is to keep everyone playing.”

amen, brother. now I’m going to write about housecleaning, and maybe my cats, or what I made for dessert last night. 😉