not enough

I’ve been avoiding thinking about my life. I have achieved some degree of material success in the last two years, nothing vast, but certainly far more comfortable than I’ve ever been before, maybe even when I was growing up.

but a pall has settled over my world. I’m watching too much TV. I’m reading too many weblogs – not necessarily with a sense of exploration or intellectual curiosity, but with ennui and a need to have my mind distracted. same with reading. more to the point: I’m not writing, still. I haven’t made any new jewelry in months. I’ve been dreading getting started on any of the things I need or want to do to my house. I haven’t even redesigned my site lately.

and I’ve been lousy about emailing, about Christmas gifts, etc., etc.

bleh. I’m not going to say that I’m going on haitus, exactly, but I’m going to focus on paying more attention to my life, and to having a life outside of the shiny box(en).