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I realized something about myself today while daydreaming about a novella I want to finish. I get going on a project, whether that’s a coding thing or a writing thing, and somewhere two-thirds of the way in, I get some inspiration and realize that I want to do it entirely differently, or at least to […]

how’s that for digital identity?

two nights ago I was in the middle of this rather odd dream, most of which I won’t repeat here. but notably, I was with some people I didn’t know very well, and was thinking about prevaricating on some element of my (checkered) past. then I saw a computer monitor out of the corner of […]

cabin fever

today I was feeling crazy enough about getting out of the house that we went to the new WalMart in Hawk’s Prairie. big mistake. yeah, I should’ve known that WalMart on a Saturday afternoon would’ve been insane, but Walmart itself gave me the creeps. (though I will say that they seem to have good deals […]

and back to the source text…

Joe Clark deconstructs the deconstruction of Deconstructing You’ve Got Blog (ow. that made my head hurt.) the short version: times have changed. no kidding…I think that’s what bugged me about the essay when I read it the first time, some months back, maybe as long ago as last spring. it seemed to me to reflect […]

crankiness, revisited

Mark expands on yesterday’s post: yesterday, it was just the three quotes, now there’s more. “Do not misunderstand me. I dont think the personal web has become boring. I think I have become boring.” which I guess is part of why I stopped posting recently as well. sometimes navel-gazing is fun – we are human […]

other nostalgic things

the melodrama got too heavy (see below)…so a bit of channel-surfing brought me to M*A*S*H…hey, it’s a Col. Flagg episode! hmmm, I think it’s the original Flagg episode. “if I know him, he ordered the helicopter to crash and smacked himself with a hammer.” I watched MASH almost every single day for years, both at […]

great style, but a little disappointing

friends and long-time readers will know that I’m something of a Sherlock Holmes buff. Tonight I managed to catch most of the new Masterpiece Theater version of Hound of the Baskervilles. it’s beautifully filmed, and well acted – the fellow who plays Holmes is even good enough for me to get over the image of […]

about that cleaning

I linked to an article about “garbage houses” in my other weblog, and had a comment (I love those!) from Anita Rowland mentioning alt.recovery.clutter. so much mess. there’s a lot of family stuff in this subject: grandmother on father’s side was a clutter person to the Nth degree, mother is a purger, as was her […]

much ado about what now?

Mark P. quotes possibly the most cranky piece about weblogging ever written, among others. he seems to be in a fowl mood, which may be related to his redesign: which seems to be related to a burst of anxiety about XHTML 2.0 and the strain of markup. whew. this mood is not far off from […]

today’s word is:

ennui. I am vaguely wishing for some sort of scripting project, as it would occupy my brain and engage my mental faculties without requiring too much examination of the emotional depths. this discovery of coding as a mental escape fascinates me, by the way. I wish I’d known about it when I was 20. I’m […]