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Archives for December 2002

happy new year, y’all

at some point soon I’ll write a long thoughtful piece about the year – which has been full of upheaval, change, growth and stress – but for the time being, here’s a peek at a new site design I’ve been playing with. (reports of weirdness are quite welcome)

a new album

misc photos, December 2002 – I ended up writing my own little photo album script, just ’cause. (A couple of them are from one of C’s class projects.) it’s also my first try at using the Creative Commons licensing. sort of a complicated thing, for such a little project: some of the pictures are mine, […]

My damn feet

(written on the evening of the 27th, but we didn’t have the ‘net connection running again until this afternoon.) I had all these ideas about what I was going to do for Christmas…most of which went out the window even before Christmas Eve. (If I owe you a paper card, or god forbid a real […]

merry whatever

enjoy the holiday, y’all. (our e-card for 2002) also, “Snapping Links” has moved.

what that means

I’m planning on converting this space (most likely, still using Blogger) to a short-form prose weblog, more for ruminations of a personal, political, social, and technical nature; the other weblog will be for the quick lists of links that I seem to gather. I’m thinking that the categorization features of MT will help with that […]


– Snapping Links – my (first) Movable Type weblog. (C often sez: “snap me that link”) I may move the address to something less tool-based, so don’t be too hasty to bookmark or blogroll!

something new to read (and yes, I’m lousy at keeping in touch)

I got an email a while back from the guy who runs this relatively new blog: “Musings from the Underground – asking to link here. dude, this is the Internet: link all you like, we’ll just make more. 🙂 but go read his stuff, y’all, because (a) it’s sweet of him to have asked (tho […]

at least the shortest day of the year has a little sun

this year I’ve been more aware than ever of the changing of the seasons – the darkness enveloping my mornings and evenings, the leaves falling and turning into a grey slick on my driveway. when we moved in, it was not too long past the height of summer; almost half a year has slid by, […]