a good day for links

but first, a kitty update: Boingo went to the vet today, for neutering and to have his little foot checked out, and it’s all good.

101 things you can do in Mozilla – I had no idea.
Patterns for Personal Web Sites – very reminiscent of the Pattern Language, which I loved, and a reminder that I need to get the rest of my site up.
Masters of Science in Information Management – hmmmmmm…..
Fandango lookup for The Two Towers in Seattle – because you can’t be too geeky. 🙂 (vacation time has already been put in for, because we had too much fun last year. must look up last year’s blog entry to see what I need to remember for next time…looked it up…ugh. that was not helpful! but an earlier entry – warning, 404’d link! – seems to indicate some notes that could be typed up, which means there may be something helpful in a paper journal. mmmmm…multimedia….)