the kingdom of denim jackets

Dorothea is looking for a denim jacket for her husband

I think nice looking men’s denim jackets are still thought of as too 80s. which is unfortunate. (although possibly true) however…I don’t know if this is at all useful, but my denim jacket is a men’s jacket. it’s a geek giveaway – when C worked at a computer store, several years back, his boss gave him a Microsoft jacket, which I promptly nicked, because at that point it was just as hard to find women’s denim jackets. it’s not distressed, but is very pale, which was what I wanted. I still need to find a nice patch that will go over the embroidered Microsoft logo…. so it is possible.

update: C suggests going to a place that sells “workman’s” clothing (or hunting clothing, I assume) – someplace that carries Carhartt’s clothes.

(why not a tweed jacket? y’know, with the leather patches? or is that even dorkier?)

random personal aside: I always loved my friend Greyson’s denim jacket – he’d painted it years ago (in the 80s, probably) with a gorgeous Celtic twisty snake design…the same design he had tattooed on his calf. (I miss Greyson a lot.)