reconsidering things

I’ve changed my mind about the reunion (10th HS)…I think I’m going to skip it. too much money, too much vacation time, too much time travelling w/out C (who can’t go regardless), and too much to do here with the house.

and who do I want to see? only a few people: Steph, Irina, maybe Elma & Marsha. a few people I’d love to be snooty (or snarky) to, and others I have a morbid curiosity about, but I don’t know if that’s really worth it. there’s other people I want to visit with – Ra, Franz, K, Thao – but there’s always the possibility of other visits, other times. and what I really want right now is to be able to take a trip to someplace new, a big crazy road trip. it won’t happen this summer, but maybe next spring? and then I can visit Steph & Irina where they live now, maybe swing by AZ to visit Greyson, and even cut back thru LA. (I’m seriously thinking about going to SXSW next March, which give some interesting possibities for routes.)

so we’ll see.