the yard sale

some rough thoughts to smooth out later….

yesterday was gorgeous, gorgeous weather. the first people turned up at 8:20, while we were still pulling stuff out of the garage. we never did get everything priced – there was lots of “how much is this?” “hon, how much?” “um, I don’t know? is a dollar good?” 😛

but we did insane business, sold a ton of stuff…which means that we also have way less to move! Jennifer C. came up from Oly with her little girl to sell some clothes and odds & ends, and the four of us spent most of the afternoon hanging out in the front yard & enjoying the sun. (a bit o’ burn for me & Jen.)

today: rain, rain, rain. I even heard a thunderclap not long ago. an older guy (70s) who’d bought some computer parts came back & bought some more. he said he’d been working with computers since the 50s: army, air force, post office. has been retired since the early 80s, lots of heart problems. you could tell that he’s a real hobby-enthusiast, and that he really wanted to talk to somebody. 🙁 also got an interesting story, yesterday, from a guy who’d been in the military & stationed in Tripoli in the 50s, about rioting over the dispute over the suez canal, and also that he’d had a one-handed (right hand chopped off as punishment!) caddy named Quaddafi. that story came from looking at Jen’s old world map, that still had the USSR on it.

got ripped off for $8 from a pleasant-looking couple who were going to pay $40 for 2 tables, but only had $32 and would come back. um, yeah. that never happened. should’ve told ’em to go down to Albertsons.

made an incredibly tasty mish-mash asian dish last night: reheated rice with a bit of spiced oil, steamed broccoli, fried zucchini with a bit of pepper & garlic, chicken breast with lemon & chinese pepper mix, fried tofu marinated in soy sauce & lemon juice, all topped with Jen’s peanut curry sauce (with sweetened condensed milk instead of coconut milk, because I spaced it at the grocery store). which I mention only because the lemon/soy tofu came through the rich peanut sauce really, really well.

that was also about all I had to eat yesterday (except for a pbj sandwich and a mocha)….

I am so freaking tired.