when clones attack!

I wasn’t expecting to especially enjoy this…but Chad suggested it after the house viewing on Friday afternoon (more on that later?), and it sounded cool to me. better than going home & either doing housework or being bored.

two days later, I find myself ruminating on elements from the movie, which is always a particularly good sign for me. so I really enjoyed it…with the all-important caveat that large chunks were just like a video game (Kat said she’d played a PS2(?) racing game based on it, and I can totally imagine it).

Yoda? unfortunately, his critical scene comes off as much funny as it is meaningful. but I don’t think he’s a puppet anymore. 🙂 (Chad disagrees with me, on the success of Yoda’s big scene – reminding me that while the audience giggled at the beginning, by the end all – me included – were holding their collective breaths.)

Christopher Lee has (a) gained a little weight and (b) trimmed his beard, but he was born to play this kind of role. (geez, I need a second page to write all this in, because I don’t want to spoil it, but I do want to write about the spoiler bits!)

Ewan McGregor, dreamiest of all Englishmen, is working to become Alec Guiness, and doing quite well, at that. (Nice humorous intentional foreshadowing “Oh, you’ll be the death of me.” Indeed.)

Muy melodramatic, but enjoyable – Anakin/Darth in particular, both the incipient turning to evil, and the madcap romance w/the lovely Natalie Portman (Amidala). teenage boys suck, and incredibly powerful ones….bleh.

oh, and Jar-Jar is indeed the source of all evil, and this time we don’t need to listen to him for hours to know it.

I’d even say that it bears multiple viewings, but that might be going too far.