I’m already bored with my

I’m already bored with my new site design. 🙂 I’m kinda bored with my site in general. bore, bored, boring…

can’t remember if I wrote anything about going to see a house last week (no, apparently not) – it was definitely too small, and any house where I almost break my neck going down the stairs is out just on principle. bad electrical system, teeny tiny bathroom. today we looked at two more – that little brown box on Military Rd…just as we figured – decent size, but in poor repair, tiny yard with not much sun, and not so good neighbors. oh, yeah, and it’s right on a really busy road with no fence or hedge. the other one was “in town”, 2 blocks off the bus line. I have a weird feeling about this one – really nice year, quiet location – but it needs lots and lots of help. carpenter ants, falling gutters, crazy, crazy additions – and baby birds somewhere in the roof, if my ears heard correctly. but at the same time, I sense a certain potential, if we can be patient…and get a good deal…since it does have a fireplace and quite a bit of space.

we’re going to look at a place in Oly on Friday, and I imagine I’ll be calling the loan officer this week to talk about next steps on the 2nd Lakewood house if nothing else.

yipes, and double-yipes.

no, there hasn’t been much linking lately, but then again, I’ve been rather neglecting my personal web enterprises of late. mechanic’s car and all that…plus I haven’t really figured out how to integrate the things that have been occupying my mind lately, technologically, into my personal work. maybe I’ll go work on the Simple Web project for a while.