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Archives for May 2002

I’m not going to write anything important now…

but everybody keep your fingers crossed. in the meantime, enjoy these fine links: – followup review of Treo 180 – I so want one. – be prepared for eye pain – the world’s smallest web site – more ‘blogs I’d almost forgotten: Rebecca Blood and RageBoy. and if you know a good calorie-counting program for […]

man or spider-man?

yes, cool. a few cheesy moments, but in a good way. if Toby Maguire & Elijah Wood were in the same movie, I think I’d die of diabetic shock. 🙂 it handles P’s discovery of superpowers and his subsequent moral struggle in a sincere & natural way. (he turns away from the Dark Side.) and […]

another ‘blogging tool

mefi discussion of pMachine 2 – I link partially because of a good discussion of hosts & tools.

cleaning up

the old weblog (from the sweethomes days) is now back online, linked from the side list o’ links. I stripped it down to no styles whatsoever, at least for the time being. I may also post my old “ailalog” too, haven’t decided yet. sigh. yesterday was one of those unbearably beautiful spring days, warm enough […]

what a surprise: exercise is good for you

I’ve been on this exercise plan for a little over a month now. (from The Hacker’s Diet, which I found through diveintomark – I’m only just now getting to the diet part – I’ve been tracking my weight, tho.) so every morning (I usually allow myself one morning off a week) I get up and […]


I’m somewhat famous. also, blogs to link permanently, one of these days (in addition to kottke, meg, owillis & mathowie, of course): stavros, caveat lector, jacob from DE. also textism, the head lemur and the eff weblog. should write something to submit to the o’reilly blogging book, or at least participate in the book review! […]

house-hunting makes me buggy

today I go to talk to the loan people at the bank again. on a happier note, my contact form got used yesterday by someone I haven’t talked to in years and years, not for any dark distressing reason, but just because people drift away. when I knew her first, we were at music camp […]

no closer to either epic poem, but on the other hand….

I wish I could have gone to the O’Reilly Emerging Technologies conference that all the cool people were blogging about, esp. to see this seminar about LiveJournal & six degrees of separation. I wish I could get just the cable channels I want, like Cartoon Network, ’cause…wow. hamtaro. nifty (non-work-related) weblogs: Burning Bird, Johnathan Delacour, […]

who am I now?

again, I feel the need for an essay-let or an epic poem. again, I’m trying to decide, when putting my self into a box of words, which things to say and which to keep hidden. again, I wonder what’s safe, what’s right, and what’s true.

blasting the past

first off, I think I heard someone I used to know (Jon Buck?!) on the radio. then…today I got more info about the reunion in the mail, including a questionnaire. are you married? yes, but I still don’t believe in it. how long? two years and two months. did you marry your high school sweetheart? […]