WTF. Mom is going through

WTF. Mom is going through credit counseling, and Edith’s being cut off – so says Elizabeth. What boggles my mind is that Mom was supporting Edith at all.

When I was 25, I was working full time at United Way, making enough money to keep my head above water. Actually, I got married when I was 25, and was doing web design part time, too.

When I was 6 months out of college – perhaps a more fair estimate – I was working full time at the Children’s Museum, mostly dead broke, but making enough money to pay at least my rent. I was just beginning to realize that it wasn’t the job I wanted, but I was trying to make it into either something I’d want, or to learn enough to go elsewhere.

grrrrrr. arghhhhh. bleh. My sister is a blithering idiot who thinks that the world will take care of her because she is special. Fuck that, I say.