I should go to bed.

I should go to bed. I need to go to bed. If I’m not asleep before 11 pm, then my brain is mush until 10 or 11 am. But damn it, I’m not tired. I can feel the shape of that chapter (is it 4 or 5?!) in my head, warm and round and sweet, and how it fills out the whole story, building up the themes that open with chapter one and foreshadowing the love and darkness of the ending…and maybe even hinting at book 2.

goodness. book 2? yeah, maybe, someday. I swear it won’t take as long as this one. (how long is that? the first inklings came to me sometime between fall 92 & spring 94. the first first draft was started in the summer of 94. faithful readers who can do arithmetic will note that 7 years, plus a few months, have elapsed since then. yes, that was the summer of OJ, the summer Ra & I lived in the pretty little cottage, the summer I first corresponded with HEA. and the story was an entirely different thing then, except for dear Aila herself, and the destruction of Tanu.)

uh-huh. no sleep for you tonight! I’m bouncing along to the Cure (just like heaven) and listening to Chad building with the legos.

I really want a digital camera.