when I was a child,

when I was a child, I had a series of fairly spectacular accidents.

nearly whacked off the tip of my finger when I was 2 or so – mom can’t remember which finger, but I do have a faint scar on the ring finger of my right hand. power tools are not our friend, apparently. took a flying leap off of the sofa at about the same time and broke my front tooth in half. had a silver tooth until I was 7.

I often wonder what the hell was going thru my little brain, by the way. was I just testing the bounds of reality? was I trying to fly? did the shiny blade look pretty?

the next biggie I actually know what I was thinking. “wheeee…I love jumping….” as I lept from the toy shelf to the bed. “ow.” as I hit the headboard. “what the….what’s this v8 looking stuff dripping down my face….” as I went to the bathroom to look at my head. “I’m in big trouble.” (1) not supposed to be up that late. (2) not supposed to be jumping on the bed. several stitches later…. I still have a faint scar above my right eyebrow. (something about that non-dominant side of the body.)

unfortunately, not of the accidents I’ve had since the age of 7 have had quite so much elan. and, oddly enough, none of these happened until college, except the first one (you guess what it means, I’ve no idea).

  1. fainted from heat in walmart parking lot in arizona (age 12)
  2. squished foot in exercise bike (age 21)
  3. paper cutter fell on big toe (3 days before 22nd bday)
  4. stress fracture from stubbing toe on stairs (age 23)
  5. concussion…didn’t see that doorway was designed for small children. (age 24?)
  6. “soft tissue” damage to knee while kneeling (age 26)

all of which just goes to say that last night I burnt the tip of the ring finger on my right hand (see power tools, above) while taking tater tots/generic potato rounds out of the oven. very classy. 😛