‘kay, I lied – we

‘kay, I lied – we didn’t roll up characters. actually, just woke from a long lovely nap. it’s wonderful how 7pm feels more like late afternoon than evening. 🙂

it is wonderful, glorious spring – as everything wakes up from winter, and the whole world feels new and alive. I’m entirely in my body, too, feeling its aches and strengths. got my hair cut yesterday, shorter than I intended, really, but it feels good to have my neck free again, and this style is somehow both playful and grownup. Jeffery (Kat’s hairdresser, who did my hair yesterday) really is quite good, not that Martin hasn’t done some great things to my hair, too. and the haircut is part of that feeling of newness and spring, which is lovely.

I hope I can keep this feeling of relaxed energy with me this week. last week I was just wiped out by Friday – mentally toast, and incredibly tired. not fun. I need to remember what this feels like, and do things that encourage it.

should start by throwing out the rest of the jelly beans. (maybe that’s the real reason why LKB was such a raging bitch…too much sugar? yeah, sure. whatever.)