I’m feeling sorta sad, looking

I’m feeling sorta sad, looking at the Q web site. Andy & Joe & Kat aren’t coming back. which makes me much sadder than losing Nathan & Adora (and some of the other folks) back when we broke free from Gay City. but I guess I should be happy that we are getting new people who are interested in us, who are serious about writing.

which, I suppose, is what I have to face: Andy had really stopped writing entirely, and Joe & Kat weren’t serious about the back & forth of the group. hell, neither of them respected Bruce. and I almost got caught up in that…yes, we are in entirely different generations, and we haven’t got as much in common, as say, me & Kat, but I respect him so much more after all this. he practically threw out his whole novel because his original approach just wasn’t working. I don’t know that I could be that brave. (I think it was my intuition that my approach to the twins was all screwed up that caused me to dump it last.) and he’s dead serious about writing.

I really, really miss Kat, though. I didn’t lose her in the way I almost did after the Walter incident, but we haven’t had as much time together, which we so often did over the course of this last year – because of the writers’ group(s). I also miss her unique insights into my writing – the way she sometimes know what I really meant to say, even when I didn’t totally know it myself.

of course, her pickiness over The Paren’s Tale almost made me crazy, but that’s an entirely different story.

Elmer & Steven. hmmm. we’ll see what happens, I guess. I’m still holding out some faint hope that another woman will join our group, but I don’t think it’ll happen.